Title Policy
Schedule of Policies & Procedures View here
Financial Regulations Financial Regs May 2018
Code of Conduct Members Code of Conduct May 2018
Standing Orders Standing Orders May 2018
Business Plan BPC-business-plan-2016.pdf
Register of Members Interests March 2018
Health and Safety Policy HEALTH-AND-SAFETY-POLICY-28.10.pdf
Grants Policy Grant-Policy-Application-Form-2016-v1.2.pdf
Parish Council Action Plan BPC-Draft-Aims-and-Objecives-2015.pdf
Customer Complaints Complaints Procedure October 2017
Disciplinary Procedure Discipilinary-Procedure.pdf
Grievance Procedure Grievance-procedure.doc
Dignity at Work Dignity-at-Work-260914.pdf
Equal Opportunities Equal-Opportunities-Policy-2011.pdf
New Councillor Induction New-Cllr-Induction.pdf
Compassionate Leave Compassionate-Leave-Policy-adopted.pdf
Pension Policy BPC-Pension-Policy-27.4.pdf
Website Policy Website-Policy-17.11.15.pdf
Social Media Policy Social-Media-Policy-17.11.15.pdf
Media and Communications Terms
of Reference
BPC Guide to Publication Scheme BPC-Guide-Nov-2015.pdf
Model Publication Guide model-publication-scheme-version-12-291015.pdf
Lone Worker Policy Lone-Working-Policy-and-Guidance-100316.pdf
Byelaws Council Byelaws February 2010
Risk Assessment Contact the Clerk for more details.
Roles and Responsibilities 2017- 2018 View here
2017/2018 Meeting Diary View here
Training and Development Policy View here


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